Before You Apply:

iPlace prioritizes and values professionalism. Every interaction in the hiring process is assessed, including the quality of your emails, texts, and phone calls. We will also review your online social media profiles to assess how you present yourself professionally online.

Carefully review and update your social profiles. Our clients carefully research the company and perform reviews of employees we assign to their accounts. Professional appearance, flawless writing skills, and appropriate thoughtful updates will get you far.

Research iPlace. Visit our website and watch the videos about iPlace. Learn what it is like to work here. Read what our current employees say about us on Identify our management and read our online profiles. Learn as much as you can about us before you meet us.

iPlace is not the right company for everyone. Recruiters work a hard night shift so that they can interact with American clients and candidates. You are expected to perform independently. Speak about any concerns you may have with your family to ensure this is the right position for you. Some families are not comfortable with having their son or daughter work the night shift. If you are planning to marry soon, discuss your concerns to ensure there are no issues that could keep you from being a happy employee who can contribute effectively to achieving company goals after your marriage and in the long term.

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