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Performance Management Program (PMP)

Every client is different. The nature of their job orders varies greatly and they follow different recruiting processes. Therefore, one to two months after work begins with a new client, iPlace’s Data Analytics and Reporting team compiles client-specific data on submittals, interviews, offers, and placements. Using this data, iPlace’s management works with our clients to develop performance targets for each sourcer and/or recruiter assigned to the client.


Each week thereafter, data is collected, analyzed, and reviewed. This allows us to continually improve performance and when necessary, quickly identify and rectify the root cause of problems – whether the problem is with iPlace or our client. Any sourcer or recruiter who is not meeting performance objectives is flagged and management works with him or her one-on-one to ensure a rapid turnaround.

If we are not hitting our placement targets, you will hear from us. We will walk through our assessment and together figure out what needs to improve (on our end or your end). We absolutely do not see our job as sending submittals that match keywords – and then praying that placements happen.

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