UK Recruiting Services

iPlace is a recruiting company headquartered in McLean, VA with an international recruiting center in Pune, India. We are the highest quality provider of professionally managed sourcing and recruiting services for US and UK-based companies. iPlace recruits for companies in the UK with job seekers already in the UK.

iPlace is about increasing our clients’ recruiting productivity at low cost. Our offshore recruiters and sourcers are 100 percent dedicated to our clients and work completely at our clients’ directions.

Recruiting Done Right from Start to Finish

iPlace is about performance, process, getting results, and treating our high growth clients and employees as partners in our business. We have worked with hundreds of staffing firms and thousands of corporations over the past ten years. Because of our vast experience, we advise our clients on best strategies and apply data analytics for optimizing performance. We specialise in filling senior contract and direct hire positions using passive sourcing techniques in addition to job boards and LinkedIn.

UK Recruiting Services

iPlace’s full lifecycle recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting reference checks. Full lifecycle recruiters work during the UK work hours so they can interact with candidates in real time. Candidates are ready to be submitted to hiring managers without being re-interviewed. Most of iPlace’s full lifecycle recruiters have international (US, Canadian, and/or UK) recruiting experience.

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