Why Choose iPlace Offshore Recruiting and Sourcing Services

Why Choose iPlace

The Ideal Way to Grow Your Sourcing and Recruitment Team

iPlace is known for our performance-based culture, quality, and professionalism. But first and foremost, iPlace is about making money for our clients. Our clients expect us to create more value than the money they pay for our services. Everything we do is about delivering on this guiding principle.

We work with companies across America in IT, telecom, engineering, healthcare, finance and accounting, and sales. Our sourcers and recruiters are trained to “think like a hiring manager” because our goal is to get placements and not simply submit candidates whose resumes match the keywords in the job order. We have sourcing and recruiting services tailored for high volume entry level positions, hard-to-fill senior positions, as well as fast-moving VMS (Vendor Management Systems) and working with MSPs (Managed Service Providers). We know how to use all the major ATS (Applicant Tracking System) platforms. iPlace is a global recruiting company – we are a trusted business partner and consultant.

Lower Costs

  • Less than half the compensation costs of US-based sourcers and recruiters
  • No cost and time to hire and train new in-house sourcers and recruiters
  • No overhead costs

Higher Revenues

  • Coverage on job orders in-house recruiters do not have the bandwidth to handle
  • Placements and broader coverage on lower margin/less critical job orders where in-house recruiters are too expensive
  • Shorter time to hire through round the clock recruiting with sourcing done in India during the US night
  • Access to and knowledge of the latest sourcing and recruiting tools to find and contact more candidates

Increased Flexibility

  • More time for in-house recruiters to focus on high-value, high-touch tasks such as working with hiring managers and candidates
  • Easy to ramp up and ramp down offshore team size as volume of job orders fluctuates
  • Coverage of new geographic markets and industry sectors for which our clients do not have in-house recruiters

Contractual Obligations

We are seeking long-term relationships, but do not believe in locking our clients into long-term contracts. All of our agreements are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time with 30 days notice. We understand that we need to continuously deliver. With no long-term contracts, we always have to prove ourselves, which is the best SLA any company can give.

We Are in It for the Long Haul

 As your business partner we will:

  • Thoroughly understand your business
  • Suggest ways that together we can improve the recruiting process
  • Be transparent and honest in all our business dealings
  • Invest in building our relationship

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