iLead: The iPlace Leadership Initiative

iLead™ is iPlace’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), where managers learn how to enhance and further develop their leadership skills. iPlace believes in cultivating in-house talent through the iLead program and considers it crucial for laying the foundation for business success. Our LDP program enables all team members to continue learning at their own pace through a variety of short- and long-term training programs, along with regularly scheduled in-service classroom training and mentoring projects. Mentors are identified within the teams and act as SMEs for other teams as well. This synergy of constant learning grows great leaders who are intimately involved in daily client delivery and can act as an experienced partner to help you grow your business.

iPlace’s strong leadership program aims at attracting, leading, developing, and retaining the best people within the company. Top performing employees serve as mentors for new hires. Mentor training workshops simplify the process of gaining a clear understanding of the organization’s top needs, greatest strengths, and leadership gap.

This program is mainly designed for senior managers and future leaders but every iPlace employee has the opportunity to learn about iLead. There are no limits to the number of employees who can be enrolled in this program. If you demonstrate the right skills, performance, productivity, and behavior you will get selected for the Leadership Development Program.

The goal of this program is to:

  • Increase the understanding of leadership principles throughout the company to improve performance and employee loyalty.
  • Effectively delegate responsibilities, promote collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Cultivate teams and individuals with diverse capabilities and to provide an environment for personal growth and achievement.
  • Provide ample opportunities for promotions to leadership roles and gain professional experience in Human Resources and the recruiting industry.
  • Develop future leaders who will become senior managers at iPlace.

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