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iPlace’s robust and internationally recognized sourcing and recruiting training program is the best sourcing and recruiting training in India. Unlike training programs offered by other companies, iPlace pays its trainees. The new hires learn about American culture, the US staffing industry, sourcing and recruiting processes, interviewing candidates, how to use job portals and applicant tracking systems, VMS strategy and more, preparing them for their current and future assignments.

Graduating from iPlace Academy is difficult. New employees need to show continuous progress, prepare numerous presentations, take weekly tests and clear certifications, in order to stay in the program. It is extremely demanding and only 60 percent of trainees graduate.

Regular follow-on training occurs to introduce new technologies, new search methodologies, and more to keep our team up-to-date on changes in the industry. We are committed to providing soft skills and cultural awareness training in both mock scenarios as well as under heavily supervised on-the-job training.


Most iPlacers are TSI (The Sourcing Institute) certified sourcers and recruiters. TSI founder, Shally Steckerl, conducts an annual in-person training program for iPlace in India. It is intensive, relevant and outstanding.


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