iVMS360™ is an end-to-end service through which staffing firms totally outsource VMS accounts to iPlace. It includes full lifecycle recruiting, account administration, and MSP management.

iVMS360™ is true partnership between the staffing firm and iPlace. There is no recruiting and no MSP management costs to the staffing firm; iPlace incurs all the costs up to the point where candidates receive offers. Candidates, who are placed at the end customer, go on the staffing firm’s payroll, and the firm and iPlace split the gross margin for hours billed.

All VMS accounts are different. Through back testing VMS submittal data, we have found that the key to success for most VMS accounts is to implement a recruiting process based on one of four dominant strategies: speed, quality, bill rate, or relationship. The recruiting process we implement for each iVMS360™ VMS account is based on the dominant strategy for that account.

iVMS360™ has full lifecycle recruiters working throughout the U.S. day (Indian nightshift). Each VMS account has dedicated recruiters. The number of recruiters assigned to each account depends on the volume of job orders received and the recruiting strategy to be followed.

iVMS360™ recruiters are trained to reach a lot of candidates fast. They conduct skill-matching interviews to maximize VMS submittals, and secure low pay rates through aggressive negotiation. iPlace collects performance data twice daily, and evaluates the data weekly. Based on our findings, we continually modify our strategies and work processes to improve our performance.

The recruiters’ work is overseen by iPlace’s management team, comprised of VMS Team Leads, Managers, and Heads. We assign job orders from the VMS portal; format resumes; perform QA checks; upload candidates’ resumes into the VMS portal and our client’s Applicant Tracking System; assist with scheduling interviews, and initiate the on-boarding process for placed consultants.

iVMS360™ provides:

  • Dedicated recruiters with expertise in VMS/MSP recruiting
  • Expert VMS/MSP account management, including management of the MSP
  • VMS account coordination and administration, including the prioritization of job orders and management of the VMS portal
  • Customized strategies for each VMS account based on in-depth data analytics
  • VMS account scorecard management
  • MSP supplier call participation
  • Quarterly client reports generated by iPlace, showing trends from the performance data for each VMS account and outlining performance improvements

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