• Hank Levine
    • President and CEO
    • Hank is passionate about building iPlace into a great company that transforms the lives of its employees, clients, and recruited candidates. He is responsible for business strategy and sales. Hank brings 29 years experience in sales, business development, marketing, and general management with offshore outsourcing, telecommunications, energy, venture capital-backed software companies, and pure startups.Prior to founding iPlace, Hank launched and headed one of the largest offshore businesses providing recruiting services from India to American staffing firms. Before moving into offshore recruiting, Hank created the marketing and business strategy for five companies – three of which were acquired for a total of $92 million, and negotiated over 50 strategic partnerships and alliances.Hank holds his Masters in Management from the Sloan School at MIT and his Bachelors in Science in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

      Hank’s hobbies include rooting for all Pittsburgh professional sports teams, investing, and reading about business and technology.

    • Jeanne Heydecker
    • Senior Vice President-Strategy
    • Jeanne Heydecker brings over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneurial marketing and technology executive. Jeanne is experienced in successfully launching new companies and new products and services, from the world’s first unified messaging software for small business and the world’s smallest closed loop motion control system, to the world’s first entirely solar-powered mobile telecom and broadband internet network. Jeanne believes that the best of American business practices, mixed with the potential and brilliance of an Indian workforce, is a prime example of the future of international trade and development. Ms. Heydecker moved from Chicago to India in 2007 to work with a number of Indian firms marketing to the West.Previously Associate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for India’s Shyam Group of telecom companies, she generated coverage in some of the world’s leading media from the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, to Time and CNBC, and won top industry awards including the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Awards, Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards and Fast
      Company’s Fast 50 during her tenure.
    • Alex Kage
    • Vice President-Operations
    • Alex heads iPlace’s India operations. He works with the Indian management team to chart the company’s overall direction and introduce best global business practices. His responsibilities include creating a culture of accountability, professionalism, integrity, and pay-for-performance; strategic planning; operations and performance management; and administration.Alex has eight years of experience in US recruiting, including three years working as a Senior Recruiter, Team Lead, Recruiting Manager and Head of Recruiting at iPlace.Before joining iPlace, Alex provided consulting services to international recruiting companies. Alex holds his Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Sikkim University.
    • Chris Harper
    • Head Operations
    • Chris is currently handling round the clock operations, for both sourcing and recruiting at iPlace. He is responsible for service delivery and management of all iPlace clients.Chris has five years of experience in recruiting operations involving client management, team management, and operations management. Chris has worked at iPlace for over four years and has rapidly advanced from Recruiter to Senior Recruiter to Team Lead to Recruiting Manager to Head Operations.Chris holds his Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Human Resources and Marketing from Pune University. He is a graduate of iPlace Academy.

      Chris’ hobbies are listening to music and watching movies and photography.

    • Vidya Sadawarte
    • Sourcing Manager
    • Vidya has been with iPlace since the company’s inception. She was iPlace’s Sourcing Manager for the past three years before becoming a Consultant. Vidya is responsible for service delivery of iPlace’s sourcing and sales lead generation clients.Vidya has 11 years of experience in IT training, sourcing, and managing international sourcing teams. Vidya holds her Bachelors in Physics from Pune University and has received her Diploma in HR Management.Vidya’s hobbies include listening to music, reading, and watching TV.
    • Rakhi Kolhe
    • Sourcing Manager
    • Rakhi has been with iPlace since the company’s founding. She has six years experience in international sourcing and managing sourcing teams. She is adept in building relationships within the team as well as with the clients.Rakhi holds her Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science from Pune University.Rakhi’s hobbies include reading fiction and watching movies.


    • AJ Archer
    • Recruiting Manager
    • AJ has seven years experience including four years in international recruiting. As a recruiter, AJ specialized in IT job orders. As Recruiting Manager, AJ is responsible for client management and implementing best practices for sourcing and recruiting.AJ holds his Bachelors in Commerce and MBA in HR from Pune University. He is an iPlace Academy graduate.AJ’s hobbies include reading, traveling, meeting and interacting with people, and learning about new cultures.
    • Deepak Kutty
    • Sourcing Team Lead
    • Deepak has three years of international sourcing experience with a year in managing sourcing teams.He also has a strong background in Internet research, data profiling and sales lead generation.Deepak holds a Bachelors degree in Science majoring in Mathematics.

      Deepak’s hobbies include travel and listening to music.

    • Dr. Sweta Gupta
    • Sourcing Team Lead
    • Dr. Sweta has over three years of experience in international sourcing, leading multiple clients independently. Her technological forte is finding the most qualified candidates for both technical and non-technical job orders.Dr. Sweta holds her Doctorate, MBA and Bachelors in Engineering with specialization in Information Technology. She is a graduate of iPlace Academy.Dr. Sweta’s hobbies include browsing the Internet and watching movies.
    • Ryan Hicks
    • Recruiting Team Lead
    • Ryan has over two years experience in international recruiting. He has recruited for mid-sized and large companies in the IT, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial industries.Ryan holds his Bachelors in Commerce from Sikkim University. He is a graduate of iPlace Academy.Ryan’s hobbies include music and movies.
    • Henry Morris
    • Recruiting Team Lead
    • Henry has over three years of experience in international recruiting. He has worked with clients in the retail, financial, IT, telecom, healthcare, and insurance industries. He is a strong mentor and skilled at training junior recruiters. He enjoys talking to candidates and building lasting relationships.Henry holds his Bachelors in Computer Applications. He is a graduate of iPlace Academy.Henry’s hobbies include movies and travel.
    • Roy Martin
    • Recruiting Team Lead
    • Roy has over eight years of experience in recruiting and BPO industries. He has been involved in US IT recruiting for over five years. He has recruited technology professionals across various industry verticals including healthcare, financial, IT, and education.Apart from managing his team and supporting clients, Roy is actively involved in the iPlace Academy as a recruiting trainer.Roy is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Nagpur University. His hobbies are music and reading.
    • Jeff Welch
    • Recruiting Team Lead
    • Jeff has two years of international recruiting experience and seven years of technical experience including four years with the Indian Navy. Prior to joining iPlace, he worked for IBM as a subject matter expert in a tech-support process for HP and Tiscali.Jeff holds his Bachelors in Business Administration and a B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication from Naval Engineering College. He is also a Certified Radar Specialist and is currently pursuing his MBA in International Business. Jeff is a graduate of iPlace Academy.Jeff’s hobbies include swimming and playing soccer. He also boasts a fine collection of currency notes/coins from over 120 countries.
    • Daniel Rogers
    • Human Capital Lead
    • Daniel has seven years experience including six years in recruiting and a year in customer relationship management. He is responsible for talent acquisition at iPlace.Daniel has completed his diploma in computer engineering and is a certified Predictive Index Analyst. He is a graduate of iPlace Academy.Daniel’s hobbies include traveling and watching soccer.

Why We are Proud to be iPlacers

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  • iPlace was founded in 2006
  • Investors: Technology Ventures (USA) and
    The Rathi Group (India)
  • Largest offshore recruiting firm in India


About Pune


Pune is the 8th largest city in India and the 2nd largest city in the state of Maharashtra, behind Mumbai.  Boasting an impressive array of software and information technology companies, Pune’s economy ranks 6th in India.  However, Pune has a relatively more stable labor market than most other Indian technology centers.

Once called the “Oxford of the East” by Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, students from all over India and the world come to Pune for higher education.  Colleges in Pune graduate 10,000 engineers a year with 2,500 graduates in software and information technology.  The cultural emphasis on education and the supportive business environment provides Pune with the ingredients for continuing economic and commercial growth.