Sparsh Stories – Aasha

This is the story of a mother’s love and her little girl Aasha. Aasha couldn’t choose where she was born, but she now controls her future because of Sparsh, an organization that touches and transforms lives.

Aasha was born into poverty in Nepal. She was a daily witness of her father’s abuse to her mother. The family somehow managed to make ends meet through farming. One day her mother’s friend, who worked in Delhi, came to visit. Aasha’s mother was impressed with her friend’s lifestyle and asked for her help to get a job in Delhi for her as well. Her friend agreed. Aasha and her mother started dreaming about a new life in Delhi – a new beginning away from their old, starved, abusive lives.

After they reached Delhi, Aasha’s mother’s friend kept her and Aasha in a room for one week. Aasha’s mother repeatedly asked her friend when she could join her for work. Her friend kept postponing it to another day by saying her job will start as soon as she finds the right place for her to work.

One day, Aasha’s mother’s friend asked Aasha’s mother to come with her to work. Aasha’s mother wanted her daughter to see where she would be working, so she took Aasha along. Early in the morning, they reached a place where Aasha and her mother saw lots of girls in one small house. As the darkness started setting in, they started seeing men come inside the house with the ladies following them.

Aasha’s mother realized where her friend worked and where she has brought her daughter. She wanted to escape with Aasha, but she could not. Her friend had sold her at a high price and fled. All around that brothel she saw people from her village and nearby villages. Having no choice but to give-in, Aasha’s mother had just one request for the brothel owner, she wanted a transfer from Delhi to Pune or Mumbai to protect her child’s identity.

Aasha’s mother landed in Pune with her little daughter. Aasha started asking her mother a lot of questions about her profession. Her mother had no answer, but knew she had to find a safe place for her daughter. She would do anything to keep Aasha away from her dangerous world. Through a friend, Aasha’s mother got in touch with Timothy from Sparsh. After hearing her story, Timothy welcomed Aasha to Sparsh to start a new and safe life.

When Aasha came to Sparsh, she was very shy and afraid to interact with the other children. But with the love, care, and the protective environment that Sparsh provides, Aasha has learned to trust others. She has made a lot of friends and is the head girl of her junior school division. She is in 6th standard and dreams to become a doctor when she grows up.

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