Fred Price (Rahul Talreja)

Head – Data Analytics

Fred Price is iPlace’s Data Analytics Head, with responsibilities for effectively communicating the business’ strategic objectives, planning, reporting, and data analysis, as well as managing the client onboarding and off-boarding process. His department is the big data engine behind iPlace’s success – providing the right information at the right time to enable iPlace leaders to make informed decisions that create innovative solutions for our clients or increase delivery performance.

He joined iPlace as a Trainee and graduated from iPlace Academy to start his recruiting career in 2012. He has three years of experience in US recruiting and worked primarily in the IT and Telecom domain. Being tech-savvy and having an inclination towards data analytics, Fred has contributed to several data-driven projects at iPlace.

He has excellent experience dealing with a variety of business responsibilities and management roles. He also has a long record of success in developing business plans and procedures with a positive outcome.

Fred has worked on many formal and informal projects at iPlace. He has helped create both the V-SAP (VMS Strategic Assessment Program) and V-SIP (VMS Strategic Implementation Program). He has also helped develop the organization’s restructuring model called LaunchPAD. Fred advises senior leadership through regular reporting and analysis of performance, delivery, strategy integration and execution, to help create a culture focused on client delight, revenue growth, and driving our current business forward. His insights, research, and analysis contribute to the development of new business ventures as well.

Fred was awarded ‘Recruiter of the Month’ three times at iPlace. His team won second place in a cricket tournament (Harris Shield – Plate Division) conducted in Mumbai – with over 100 participants.

Fred is inspired by people and businesses that get better at what they do every single day. Something about him that most people would find surprising is that he dislikes all dairy products. Contrary to the norm – Fred prefers traveling short distances on four wheels and long distances on two. His all-time favorite quote is,“When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be our final arbiter; if I am right, he will learn; if I am wrong, I will; one of us will win, but both will profit.”― Ayn Rand


  • BBA with specialization in Corporate Management from Symbiosis International University
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