Sean Edwards (Shashank Sagar)

Head of Recruiting

Sean has over nine years of US recruiting experience and has been with iPlace for over six years. Here at iPlace, he undertook various roles and managed them all with substantial finesse. Currently, he is the Head of Special Projects and plays a pivotal role in several projects like the New Tool Assessment Team, the iMakeaDifference innovation initiative, and is currently overseeing contracts and vendors management for a Sourcing and Recruiting conference in Pune. Sean is the go-to person for anything and everything – from vendor management, CSR, IT, infrastructure management, and employee services.

Prior to moving into this role, he led the Shared Services team. He successfully managed many in-house technological implementation plans that include advanced technology solutions and advanced search tools. He has also handled many IT and infrastructure initiatives to improve employee productivity and dramatically decrease costs. With a skill set that connects technical, business and client-facing needs, Sean makes innovation and quality the cornerstone of iPlace. He incorporates input from every team at iPlace to achieve results, from client services to technology development to product management.

In 2011, Sean was awarded the iPlace Mission Award – one of the most prestigious awards that every iPlace employee dreams of earning. Sean is a motorcycle enthusiast, who enjoys stunt riding. A quirky thing about him is that he has mastered the art of “mirror writing” – so called because the text can be read only by looking at it in a mirror. His all-time favorite quote is, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt.


  • MBA in Human Resources from Symbiosis International University
  • Certified in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University
  • Certified in Mechanical Engineering from IME, Mumbai
  • B.C.A. from Nagpur University


iLead Leadership Development Program Graduate Certified by the Sourcing Institute iPlace Academy Graduate
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