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Thank you for visiting iPlace USA, a recruitment process outsourcing company that can save you thousands of dollars while shortening your time to hire. iPlace’s sourcing services are customized to address the differing recruiting needs of each client.

Sourcing Services

How much time do your recruiters spend sourcing candidates before they even start recruiting? Would your recruiters like to receive qualified candidate resumes by email before they come to the office each day?

iPlace’s sourcers work as assistants to your onshore recruiters. We identify the candidates your recruiters do not have the time to find or may not know how to find. iPlace’s sourcers work during the US night (Indian dayshift), turning your recruiting process into an around the clock operation. You send job orders at the end of your workday, and before your recruiters come in the next morning, iPlace submits resumes of high-caliber candidates along with a Candidate Submittal Report that summarizes each candidate’s qualification.

Each morning, when your recruiters arrive, they can get straight on the phones calling qualified candidates right away. Imagine how many more placements they could make when qualified candidates are already in their inboxes.

Contact us today to learn how you can dramatically change the way you hire.

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