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iPlace Awarded 2013 Candidate Experience Award by Talent Board

McLean, Virginia – October 24, 2013 

Hank Levine, Former President and CEO of iPlace, today announced that the company was awarded a 2013 North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Award by Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on elevating and promoting the candidate experience.

The CandE Awards consist of three survey rounds that are designed to evaluate and recognize organizations that produce outstanding candidate experiences. Round one is comprised of a multi-dimensional survey designed to capture and evaluate the nominated company’s recruitment processes and practices impacting the candidate experience.

Companies that complete the first round of the submission process receive Employer Benchmark data. Those that meet the awards’ baseline for candidate experience participate in round two of the competition, which involves surveying a random sampling of the company’s 2013 candidates. Companies that meet criteria for both rounds one and two have been awarded a “CandE Award Winner” designation stamp. All CandE Award winners were honored and celebrated at the 2013 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas in October 2013.

Daniel Rogers, iPlace’s Former Human Resources Lead stated,

Out of 122 companies reviewed by Talent Board, we are very proud to be named as one of the elite organizations focused on the candidate experience. Everyone in our HR department focused on streamlining the process while also ensuring that only the best candidates were offered jobs at iPlace.

Daniel went on to say,

The candidate experience is vital for companies intent on attracting top talent. It affects your employment brand when potential hires have a poor experience during the recruiting process and they will tell their network. Word of mouth can really hurt you. If candidates don’t feel valued during the interview process, how can you convince them to work with you?

Elaine Orler, Talent Board co-founder and chairman, and president of Talent Function Group stated,

We are excited by the dedication of employers to provide a positive experience for job candidates that we saw throughout the 2013 CandE Awards selection process. The findings from this year’s surveys show that when companies focus on delivering a positive candidate experience, they foster new relationships and build respect. The recruitment process is continuing to evolve and improve, and the organizations selected as CandE Award winners are implementing processes and recruiting strategies that are effective while providing candidates with a rewarding and insightful experience, regardless of whether or not they are hired.

You can find the complete list of 2013 CandE winners here:

About iPlace

iPlace is a global recruiting company with headquarters in McLean, VA, USA and international recruiting centers in India and the Philippines. iPlace enables companies hiring worldwide to expand their sourcing and recruiting bandwidth with high quality and at low cost.

About Talent Board

Talent Board is a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. The organization, awards program and its sponsors are dedicated to recognizing the candidate experience offered by companies through the entire recruitment cycle, and to forever changing the manner in which job candidates are treated. More information can be accessed at

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