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CandE Awards 2019

PuneIndia – December 23, 2019:

Talent Board announced the winners of the 2019 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards for the EMEA, APAC, and Latin American regions on Thursday, December 19, 2019.  


iPlace India Pvt. Ltd. was among the 14 organizations, most of them Fortune 500 companies, that received the CandE award in the APAC region. These organizations received the highest positive candidate experience rating with a 28 percent higher score than 2018. You can read the complete list of award winners in Talent Board’s press release 


Kaushal Sampat (Alex), Former Chief Development Officer of iPlace, said,


iPlace’s success is a direct result of our candidate management methodology for attracting and hiring the best talent. We strive to provide a great experience for every candidate that goes through our recruiting process. Our goal is to be the best recruiting company in the world. Winning the CandE Award for the second time is a great honor and affirmation of our focus on the candidate experience. 


About Talent Board 


Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards, founded in 2011, is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness and business impact. The organization, Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards program and its sponsors are dedicated to recognizing the candidate experience offered by companies throughout the entire recruitment cycle and to forever changing the manner in which job candidates are treated. The CandE Awards also serve as a benchmarking program to raise awareness of the benefits of a positive candidate experience and highlight the processes, methodologies and technology that can enhance the recruiting experience as demonstrated by the winning organizations. More information can be accessed at 


About iPlace 


Founded in 2006, iPlace has grown into the largest company providing professionally managed recruiting services for companies throughout the world from India. We are the fastest growing and are widely recognized as the highest quality of the Indian global recruiting companies. We have 100+ clients and 300+ employees. iPlace’s international recruiting centers are in India and the Philippines, and our headquarters is in McLean, VA, USA. For more information, please visit 


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