Devidutta Ajatsatru

Devidutta Ajatsatru

Head - Marketing - Sales

Know About Devidutta

Devidutta has 13+ years of marketing experience. He joined iPlace in early 2021 as a Sales Support Manager. He is responsible for sales and leads generation driven digital marketing strategies, plan of action and execution tactics, marketing automation, media planning for advertising campaigns, and campaign management and optimization. He also leads iPlace’s recently launched diversity hiring campaign.

Before joining iPlace, Devidutta was with Cybage as a Senior Manager, leading the in-house digital marketing team and implementing strategies to enable its digital transformation. He successfully introduced inbound marketing and thought leadership into the company’s marketing ecosystem. Earlier, he worked as an Account Manager with Prodigitas, a digital marketing agency. He facilitated its becoming a HubSpot partner, specializing in marketing automation and CRM management.

Devidutta completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering with a specialization in Information Technology. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Devidutta is a highly enthusiastic and creative individual who likes singing, caricaturing, sculpting, biking, solving the Rubik’s cube, and cooking his favorite dish – cheese Maggi (instant) noodles! He is passionate about dancing and has performed at college festivals in his younger days. Going on long drives in the company of his favorite playlist helps him unwind.