Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Executive Vice President - People

Know About Daniel

Daniel’s biggest strength is recognizing people’s capabilities and channeling them in the right direction. Starting as a recruiting trainee, he is one of the longest-tenured employees at iPlace and has worked in every department including operations, finance, sales, human resources, talent acquisition, and shared services. There is nothing about iPlace that Daniel does not know! That’s why he is the ideal person to head the company’s people functions that build engagement and professionalism from the moment each employee joins iPlace.

Daniel has 15+ years of experience in global recruiting. Apart from managing the people functions at iPlace, he has led recruiting operations for the Europe and APAC regions.

Daniel is a Certified Predictive Index Analyst from Pune University and holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering. He loves traveling and likes to go backpacking whenever possible. Daniel is passionate about football (soccer) and is an ardent fan of Manchester United. A word of caution – better stay away from Daniel during the EPL and UEFA tournaments if Man Utd isn’t the team you are rooting for!



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