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Heena Baig

Heena Baig

Head - Sourcing

Heena’s expertise is working with large staffing firms. She has the skill to meet tight deadlines while remaining organized and detail-oriented. During client urgencies, she rolls up her sleeves and jumps in with her team to cover client deliverables. Heena has a proven track record for client relationship, problem-solving, and negotiation skills.

Heena loves to paint and following trending music albums. She plays sports such as handball, swimming, and table tennis. Reading books and watching her favorite TV series helps her take a breather from work.


  • Work experience: 7+ years in sourcing operations
  • Markets: USA
  • Industries Heena has worked with: IT, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, and Government
  • Two apps that you can find in Heena’s phone: Slack EMM and Times of India
  • Heena’s all-time favorite movies: Andaz Apna Apna (Bollywood) and The Avengers series
  • Updates about the world: Times of India, TED Talks, Staffing Industry Analysts, and Recruiting Brief
  • A quote Heena swears by: “Great things are not done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs


  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Pune University, Maharashtra