Heena Baig

Heena Baig

Assistant Vice President - Service Delivery

Know About Heena

Heena heads the sourcing operations and service delivery for iPlace’s clients in North America and Europe. She believes in managing with data to ensure iPlace’s sourcers achieve clients’ goals for submittals and quality. Heena is known for ensuring her teams deliver on tight deadlines and source high quality candidates for urgent job orders.

Heena started her professional career with iPlace as an Associate Sourcer and is an expert in passive candidate sourcing and research. As a sourcer, she was committed to identifying the best talent available for every job and as a senior manager, she expects no less from her team. Heena’s industry expertise includes information technology, financial services, energy, healthcare, and insurance.

Heena holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Pune University. She loves to paint and follows trending music albums. Heena also plays sports such as handball, swimming, and table tennis. Reading books and watching her favorite television series helps Heena take a breather from a busy day at work.