Fred Price

Fred Price
( Rahul Talreja )

Executive Vice President - Strategy

Know About Fred

Fred is known as the Data Man at iPlace. He started the data analytics department and is one of the creators of LaunchPad, iPlace’s proprietary company operating system based on gamification. Along with being highly analytical, Fred has a keen business mind. He has a passion for business research and is responsible for building iPlace’s strategies for new businesses.

Fred started with iPlace as a recruiter working for clients in information technology, engineering, telecommunications, automotive, and financial services. Before iPlace, Fred worked in e-marketing, database management, and event management.

Fred has completed his Bachelor’s in Business Management with a specialization in Corporate Management. Something many people wouldn’t know is that Fred owns a sizeable collection of fountain pens. He enjoys keeping up with new technologies, gadgets, and automobiles. Whenever Fred finds time from his busy schedule, he takes off on long travels on his motorbike. Fred is also fond of reading novels.