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Subhash Gadve

Subhash Gadve
( Ryan Hicks )

Head – Recruiting

Ryan started as a recruiter and quickly rose to a Recruiting Head. He is very knowledgeable of full lifecycle recruiting, especially for VMS accounts. Ryan advocates for continuous learning and leads by citing real-life examples. He believes that getting out of the comfort zone is how we grow.

When he’s not working, Ryan prefers a cup of Americano and an interesting Netflix series to chill.


  • Work Experience: 11 years in recruiting operations
  • Markets: USA
  • Industries he has worked with: IT, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Two apps that you can find in his phone: Spotify and Netflix
  • Ryan’s all-time favorite movie: If Only
  • Updates about the world: Times of India
  • A quote Ryan swears by: “Ethics is everything, if you don’t have moral standing, if you don’t have an ethical foundation, you just crumble.” – Christopher Shays


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Applications from Dr. C V Raman University