Proud to be iPlacers!


iPlace was born from Koinophobia, the fear of being ordinary. The thought of having an ordinary job, working with people with the same backgrounds as me, and not making a difference in the world is terrifying. I do not come to work every day, and iPlace does not exist just to make money. Making money is important, but it needs to be kept in balance. A life dedicated to acquiring money and material goods is an empty life. And there is always somebody with more money, so you will always lose.


I love being an entrepreneur because it’s what I can do best to make a difference. There are only a few entities I can build that are an extension of my value system – my family, a charitable organization or cause, and a company. iPlace allows me to work with an innovated and talented team from a country very different from where I was raised. iPlace is a company that touches and transforms many lives for the better. A company that is ethical and lasting. iPlace is my cure for Koinophobia.


Hank Levine, Founder, President, and CEO

Core Values


We do what we say and do what is right. How we conduct ourselves is more important than making money.






Respect and Diversity

We treat everyone with dignity, regardless of their position in the company or background. We welcome different perspectives and believe that the diverse backgrounds of our employees provide us with better insights, which enables us to make more informed and less risky decisions. We view differences as an asset.



We understand our clients’ needs and the urgency of delivering on our commitments.







Performance Based Culture

We invest in our employees’ skills and professional development, and we provide opportunities for all to advance. Top performing employees earn higher incentives, better pay raises, and are eligible for promotions.


Knowledge and Creativity

We promote and support innovation, risk-taking, knowledge-sharing, and continuous learning. We recognize that the most effective managers are both subject matter experts and great at developing others.




We are a true business partner and support win-win relationships based on sharing risks and rewards.





Guiding Philosophy

The Guiding Philosophy booklet is for iPlace employees, but we are pleased to share it with our clients and other visitors to our website. Our goal is for all iPlacers to grow professionally and take pride in being part of iPlace because they believe in the company’s values. We aim to build a great company where we can achieve more together than we can as individuals.

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Hiring Forecast for In-house Recruiters
How many in-house recruiters do you plan to hire?
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How many placements per recruiter do you expect in the second month after hiring the recruiters?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for contract positions?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for direct hire positions?
What is the average hourly bill rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average hourly pay rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average contract duration (in months) you expect on the contract placements?
What is the average placement fee you expect on the direct hire placements?

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