Join our fast growing, international team hiring world-class talent.

Work for iPlace in India and the Philippines

iPlace represents some of the largest and most prestigious global companies. Join our fast-growing team assisting clients hiring world-class talent.

Our employees love working for iPlace because:

  • We pay great base salaries, supplemented by awesome incentives for making placements.
  • We offer great benefits which are the best in the industry.
  • iPlace has a great work culture where employees work hard and also have fun.

iPlace values professionalism. Every interaction in the hiring process is assessed, including the quality of your emails, texts, and phone calls.  


Here are a few guidelines you might want to note before applying: 

  • Carefully review and update your social profiles; our clients research iPlace and review the employees we assign to their accounts.

  • Research iPlace
    • Visit our website and watch the videos about iPlace.
    • Learn what it is like to work here.
    • See what our current employees say about us on
    • Read the corporate profiles of our leadership team.
    • Learn as much as you can about us before you meet us.
  • Professional appearance, flawless writing skills, and appropriate thoughtful updates will get you far.

iPlace’s passion is to place the right people in the right place. Placements are done with our diverse and dedicated teams of recruiters and sourcers. We believe that we have a place for everyone and have an enormous scope of growth and improvement with us. We empower companies by delivering people with real passion and talent to achieve the best.


We have exciting challenges for everyone who works with us. iPlace ensures that all these challenges allow you to learn. If you think you are up for a challenging role with us, then iPlace has a space ready for you. Check out the openings and apply with us.


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Hiring Forecast for In-house Recruiters
How many in-house recruiters do you plan to hire?
What is the average annual salary (before commissions) that you expect to pay the recruiters?
How many placements per recruiter do you expect in the second month after hiring the recruiters?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for contract positions?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for direct hire positions?
What is the average hourly bill rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average hourly pay rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average contract duration (in months) you expect on the contract placements?
What is the average placement fee you expect on the direct hire placements?

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