iPlace is the Largest Company Providing Recruiting Services to US Firms from India


iPlace is a global recruiting company with headquarters in McLean, Virginia, USA and an international recruiting center in Pune, Maharashtra, India.  We provide professionally managed sourcing and recruiting services for American recruiting organizations.  Sometimes when people hear that our sourcers and recruiters work from India there is confusion about what iPlace does.  We help US companies fill job openings in the US.  iPlace has nothing to do with recruiting for positions in India or bringing people over from India to work in the US.  iPlace helps job seekers already in America get jobs in America.



Recruiting Done Right      From Start to Finish

iPlace is about increasing recruiting productivity at low cost. Our sourcers and recruiters are 100 percent dedicated to our clients and work completely at our clients’ directions.  iPlace is about performance, process, getting results, and treating our clients and employees as partners in our business.

Services Matched to Your Needs

  • Sourcing
    • iPlace’s sourcers find the candidates our clients are missing. The sourcers work during the US nightshift (Indian dayshift). Our clients send job orders and before their recruiters come in the next morning, iPlace submits resumes of candidates who are precise fits. Candidates are identified from a wide variety of sources – not just job boards. Sourcers can also send candidates e-mails.
  • Sales Lead Generation and Research
    • iPlace’s researchers scour the internet to find the decision-makers our clients’ salespeople need to get in touch with to get a “yes.”  The researchers work during the US night (Indian dayshift).  Our clients’ salespeople e-mail iPlace the names of the companies where they would like to make contact with decision-makers.  The next morning the salespeople receive an e-mail from iPlace with verified names, contact details, and background information on decision-makers from the specified companies.
  • Preliminary Qualification (Pre-Qual) Recruiting
    • iPlace’s pre-qual recruiters save our clients’ in-house recruiters’ time so that they can close more job orders.  The pre-qual recruiters, who work during the US day (Indian nightshift), conduct screening interviews to confirm candidates’ high-level qualifications, availability, and interest in the position.  When candidates are qualified, the pre-qual recruiters schedule comprehensive qualification interviews between our clients’ in-house recruiters and the candidates.
  • Full Lifecycle Recruiting
    • iPlace’s full lifecycle recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting background and reference checks.  Full lifecycle recruiters work during the US day (Indian nightshift) so they can interact with candidates in real time.  Candidates are ready to be submitted to hiring managers without being re-qualified.

We Never Stop Paying Attention to Quality

Best Training

Most new hires enter iPlace through iPlace Academy, the best sourcer and recruiter training in India. With roughly a 12 percent applicant acceptance rate, iPlace Academy is harder to get into than the vast majority of colleges in India.  The eight-week training program is extremely demanding and only 60 percent of trainees graduate.

Best Skill Development

Every six months our sourcers and recruiters are certified. Training and recertification is required for sourcers and recruiters who do not receive a passing score.  Certification scores count for 35 percent of sourcers and recruiters’ base salary.

Best Performance Management

Performance targets are set once a quarter with each of our clients. Based on these targets, we set goals for each sourcer and recruiter.  Client performance counts for 35 percent of a sourcers and recruiters’ base salary.

Employee Retention

Very few Indian companies can match the employee loyalty found at iPlace. The average Indian nightshift employee stays with his or her company for under six months; iPlace recruiters stay with iPlace for an average of 2.5 years.

Contractual Obligations

All of our Agreements are month-to-month and can be terminated with 30 days advance notice.  With no long-term contracts we always have to prove ourselves, which is the best SLA any company can give.

Our Mission and Core Values

The mission of iPlace is to maximize the financial returns to: iPlace, our clients, and our employees through excellence in international recruiting.

Integrity: We do what we say and do what is right.

Performance-Based Culture: We invest in our employees through performance-based incentives and training.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and welcome different perspectives.

Knowledge and Creativity: We promote and support innovation, risk-taking, sharing ideas, and continuous learning.

Professionalism: We understand our clients’ needs and the urgency of delivering on our commitments.

Partnership: We are a true business partner and support win-win relationships based on sharing risks and rewards.