The best place to work.

iPlace is a great place to work. We have a vibrant and positive work culture with amazing growth opportunities. You’ll feel like you’re part of a family, not a company. All employees are treated with respect regardless of their positions. Our work is challenging, our management cares about us, and we are compensated well (and always on time) with good salaries and benefits. The atmosphere is friendly and not perforated with cliques. The work is demanding and rewarding. We are a positive, caring, friendly, helpful team of professionals. 


We are encouraged to express our ideas and concerns. We are empowered to grow and show our potential. We get plenty of help to be our best and achieve our goals. iPlace believes in continuous development and contribution from all employees. We are learning all the time from the best people in the recruiting industry. 


Occasionally, everyone needs a break from the work demands of international sourcing and recruiting. At iPlace we know how to have fun and work hard. The company organizes fun events, including our famous company parties. Most iPlacers socialize outside of work. We understand that home life is also important, and we believe in work-life balance. 


LaunchPad puts our employees’ growth into their own hands. The harder and smarter you work, the faster you grow. LaunchPad uses gamification to make work more fun and productive. Every employee plays a weekly, monthly, and quarterly game. The objective of the games is to earn stars for achieving individual performance targets and for doing things that bring success to your client. You also earn stars for developing others, mastering sourcing and recruiting skills, growing your team, participating in CSR and fun events, and even improving your health and wellness.


iPlacers earn stars through the weekly, monthly, and quarterly game. Each employee’s performance is captured and posted on a scoreboard, which can be accessed on iPlace’s intranet and can to be viewed by all employees. Unlike at other companies where pay raises and promotions are at the discretion of management, LaunchPad is a transparent system. Every time you earn 40 stars, you get an automatic pay raise. At every 120 stars, you get automatic promotion. Earning stars is how you make more money and get ahead at iPlace.


Through LaunchPad, it’s up to you to chart your course, navigate through challenging situations, and land at your final destination — success!

Benefits and Perks

We love our iPlacers! Beyond your base package, iPlace is proud to offer comprehensive benefits, including some special benefits offered by few companies anywhere in the world.

Office Complex

iPlace’s Global Recruiting Center is in the prestigious four-building World Trade Center (WTC) in Kharadi, a suburb of Pune, Maharashtra, India. WTC was designed for international business and features state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. The WTC complex features over 20 restaurants, lounges, and cafes with other amenities like 24/7 security, ATM’s and Banks.

Stars of the Month

Each month, iPlace identifies the two sourcers and two recruiters who have stepped above and beyond their normal duties to achieve a significant milestone for iPlace or their client. We are proud to announce this month’s winners and congratulate them on their success.

Parties and Events

iPlace has an iPlacer Forever app that is available to current and former iPlacers. The app lists over 20 tie-ups so that we get discounts from restaurants, bars, shopping venues, gyms, salons and other attractions throughout Pune. iPlacers hang out together after work and on weekends, and the app has many of their favorite destinations.


iPlace’s entertainment committee organizes “funzee” events every Friday. Indian and American festivals are celebrated with equal fervor. We hold mini-celebrations for our employees on their birthdays and anniversaries.


iPlace has team spirit! The company sponsors sports teams and other group activities. Our sports teams include football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton, and billiards – with more in the works. We participate in inter-corporate sports competitions to promote a healthy mix of fun with work. Sporting events are not just for athletes. You can count on a large crowd of iPlacers to cheer our sports teams and join the celebration after the win.

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