Working in partnership with our local community.

Animal Welfare

Animals are an essential part of our lives. They teach us unconditional love and how to love without verbal communication. They show us the happiness we can generate through small acts of kindness.  


Most CSR programs concentrate on education, health, sanitation, and rural development. Less is being done for animal welfare. The WeMakeaDifference team is taking steps to help animals and getting our families, neighbors, and friends involved.


iPlace has worked with the following animal shelters:  

  • ResQ Charitable Trust rescues and rehabilitates street animals that are hurt or unwelliPlacers visited ResQ in 2017 and had a humbling time helping the in-house volunteers care for the animals and relieve their pain.  


  • iPlace also teams up with LIFE (Living in a Free Environment) that rescues farm animals which are old, injured, abused, or abandoned.  

Animal lovers at iPlace watch out for the stray dogs living in our World Trade Center (WTC) campus. The next step of the WeMakeaDifference team is to ensure all these dogs are sterilized and vaccinated.  

iPlacers have made a significant contribution to NGOs in Pune, mainly The Society for the Welfare of the Differently Abled Persons (SWPH & RC) and Sparsh.

iPlace has worked with the Swachh Bharat Mission on projects in Pune, executed Adopt-a-Plant drives, and is now a paperless company.

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