Lower Your Hiring Costs 40 to 70 Percent

The economy is on the rebound. Companies are restructuring their talent acquisition programs to bring down hiring costs as they ramp back up. Learn from our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Business Experts how to save more money than you ever thought possible while improving quality of hire! 

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Lower Your Portfolio Companies’ Hiring Costs 40 to 70 Percent

Why Talk to Our RPO Business Experts?

Our experts have led iPlace for the past 15 years, growing it into one of the largest RPOs serving companies across the globe. They help corporations strategize and re-engineer their talent acquisition program to lower costs and increase productivity.  

How Can iPlace Help?

Our RPO Business Experts work closely with your talent acquisition team and hiring managers to design and/or improve your recruitment process to deliver the following benefits: 

Lower Cost-Per-Hire

  • Pay for only the recruiters you use
  • No job board costs
  • No placement fees
  • Lower overall hiring costs by 40 to 70 percent

Reduced Time-To-Hire

  • Streamlined recruiting process
  • Performance management to find bottlenecks
  • Reduce Time-to-Hire by 20 to 40 percent

Improved Quality-Of-Hire

  • Candidates identified from many sources
  • Expertise across industry verticals
  • Close collaboration with hiring managers
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Scalable Hiring Solutions

  • Flexible recruiting solutions
  • Specialists in high-volume hiring
  • Reduce recruiting team size during slow periods
  • Global coverage

Meet Our Business Experts

President and Chief Executive Officer

With 39 years of startup and high-tech experience, Hank steers iPlace’s leadership team to achieve the company’s vision of becoming the largest global RPO. Over the past 18 years, Hank has helped over 340 American companies establish offshore recruiting operations. He created the marketing and business strategy for six companies – four of which were acquired for a total of $92 million.

Managing Director

Alex heads iPlace’s Global Recruiting Center in Pune, India. In his 17-year recruiting career, Alex has managed recruiting operations for hundreds of companies across North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Hiring Forecast for In-house Recruiters
How many in-house recruiters do you plan to hire?
What is the average annual salary (before commissions) that you expect to pay the recruiters?
How many placements per recruiter do you expect in the second month after hiring the recruiters?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for contract positions?
What percentage of the placements are expected to be for direct hire positions?
What is the average hourly bill rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average hourly pay rate you expect for the contract placements?
What is the average contract duration (in months) you expect on the contract placements?
What is the average placement fee you expect on the direct hire placements?

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