The best place to work.

Benefits and Perks

Beyond your base package, iPlace is proud to have initiated several exceptional benefits that most companies do not offer.

Lucrative placement bonuses enable top performers to double or triple their salaries through uncapped incentives.
iPlace matches 100% of employee’s Provident Fund contribution. This amount is completely tax-free.
GratuityWhen an employee completes five years with iPlace and parts ways, the employee receives a lump sum gratuity.
Free Wealth Management AdvisoryManage your income and get advice on investments and other wealth-producing ventures.
Controlled Raises
Our LaunchPad program automatically raises your salary as you reach set milestones. Make as much as you want by working hard.
Controlled Promotions
Grow your team to a certain size and get automatically promoted through LaunchPad.


Comprehensive Annual Leave

Approximately two leaves are accrued each month which amounts to 24 paid leaves a year.

-art Office

iPlace’s modern and spacious offices are on the sixth floor of the prestigious World Trade Center in Kharadi, Pune.

Company Paid Meal

Both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike will enjoy their sumptuous lunches at iPlace. We also provide free tea, coffee and more. Cappuccino anyone?

Tie-ups and Discounts

More than 20% discounts to restaurants, bars, shopping and more through iPlace Forever App on your phone.


iPlace celebrates all birthdays including a gift from the company. 

Marriage Anniversaries

All married employees receive a gift from iPlace on their anniversary. 

Best Parties

iPlace parties are famous for their glamorous themes, good food, dancing, and games.

iFun Fridays

Each Friday, iPlace has a fun activity such as interesting dress themes, group photo sessions, fetes, tambola, and karaoke to name a few.

Company Paid Concierge Service

Have more free time by using our 24/7 concierge service to handle your small errands.

Valet Parking

Why waste time looking for a parking space? Give your keys to the valet and he will find a safe and secure parking space for you.


Company Paid Tuition Fee

iPlace pays up to 35,000 INR per year for two years towards tuition for approved courses.

iPlace Academy

Get paid while receiving the best sourcer and recruiter training in India.

Professional Development

After iPlace Academy, employees continue to master sourcing, recruiting, and managerial skills through training from our Professional Development team.


Paid Gym Memberships

iPlace pays your gym fees which include yoga, aerobics, kickboxing, and other activities to keep you healthy and active.

In-house Spa Center

Unwind during a busy day at work. Enjoy our in-office spa.

Company Paid Annual Health Check-Ups

iPlace offers a comprehensive annual health check-up free of cost.

Company Provided Medical Insurance Package

Our best-in-class Mediclaim Policy is a safety net that pays your medical bills in case of unforeseen mishaps.


Eligible women employees may take up to 26 weeks of continuous paid leave. 


We Make a Difference

Participate in iPlace’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities for the betterment of humanity, animal welfare, and the environment. 


Earn stars to get up to five pay raises per year and automatic promotions.


Play on iPlace teams for football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton, pool, and more.


iPlace will help you evaluate your new business idea, and will provide resources and investment for approved plans.


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