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Position: Recruiter

About Recruiting

Recruiters are the lifeblood of iPlace. Our recruiters find the best candidates and get them great jobs with iPlace’s clients. Our recruiters are proud to work for iPlace because recruiting is a noble profession. You enable your candidates to grow professionally, support themselves, and provide for their families. You make your clients successful by bringing great candidates into their companies. As an iPlace recruiter, you will learn about international business and develop work and sales skills that are the foundation for a successful career.

Position Description

iPlace’s recruiters work with clients and candidates throughout the world. As a recruiter, you will:


  • Understand your client’s company and their recruitment needs
  • Identify the best candidates whose resumes are a match for open positions with your client
  • Interview the candidates to confirm their availability, interest, and qualification for the job
  • Negotiate salaries
  • Submit candidates to your client and schedule interviews with hiring managers
  • Prepare candidates for the interview, get feedback after the interview from hiring managers, and inform the candidates of the client’s decision on making an offer

Employee Speak

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iPlace Academy, our in-house training program, provides the best recruiting training in India. Unlike training programs offered by other companies, iPlace pays salaries during training.

Required Experience and Career Path

iPlace hires recruiters at all levels ranging from freshers to experienced international recruiters. All recruiters, regardless of their experience level, must have outstanding spoken English communication skills, be strong writers with the ability to produce error-free reports for international business executives, and have excellent research and computer skills. Candidates must be eligible to work in India, be above the age of 18, and have a PAN Card for income tax compliance. Backgrounds we consider include:


  • Freshers – Usually hired from top MBA programs, but exceptional candidates will be considered with high school or college degrees
  • Non-Recruiting Work – Prefer experience in occupations requiring strong interpersonal skills or working with international clients in a voice process
  • International Recruiters – Have experience working for clients in high labor cost markets in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia

Most new hires start as Associate Recruiters. However, depending on your level of experience, you can join iPlace at any level. Consistent top performers are recognized and eligible for promotions.

Work Hours

Recruiters work a hard nightshift from 6:30 PM to 3:30 AM IST or 9:30 PM to 6:30 AM IST, Monday through Friday (with weekends off). This is NOT a rotational shift; work timings are fixed based on the recruiter’s client’s local time zone.


  • iPlace’s top producing recruiters’ compensation is the best in the industry and includes a base salary with significant placement incentives.
  • All employees are measured on LaunchPad and get pay hikes based on their and organization’s performance.
  • iPlace’s comprehensive benefits package includes company-paid group medical and accident insurance, and company-provided transport or cab allowances. To learn more about the benefits and perks offered by iPlace click here.

Hiring Process

iPlace Talent Acquisition team calls selected candidates and if interested, sends an email with the interview schedule.


Phone Interview: We screen candidates to learn about their background and interests, career goals, and abilities to excel as a recruiter. We assess communication and rapport-building skills.


In-Person Assessments: Candidates who clear the phone screen spend a half-day at iPlace where they will undergo assessments measuring their English communication, listening, written, client-centricity, phone, and computer capabilities. Candidates clearing the assessments continue to a one-on-one interview with a business unit head. During this interview, candidates will be evaluated on their eagerness to learn and grow professionally, openness to feedback, interest in business, and preparation demonstrated through researching iPlace and our industry, and knowing why they want to be a recruiter.


Same-Day Hiring Decision: Offers are made before the candidate leaves iPlace’s office. Offers are contingent on candidates passing background and reference checks and providing previous employment and other documents (Aadhaar card, address proof, verification of payslips and relieving letters, and completion of exit procedures).


Tower 1, Sixth Floor,
World Trade Center,
Pune – 411014.

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