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The entire world is fighting to adapt and sustain during the coronavirus pandemicwe are all in this together! 

Like many other businesses across the world, iPlace has faced major challenges caused by the pandemic. Instead of bowing down to the circumstances, we joined forces with our employees and our clients to fight COVID-19.   



iPlace’s priorities will always be our employees’ health and our clients’ businesses. But now we have a higher purpose: get people hired by companies that are battling the coronavirus. The people we are putting to work are saving lives and our economy.  

Hank Levine, Former President and CEO, iPlace 


Remote Workplace Solution

iPlace’s Global Recruiting Center is in Pune, India. The entire country of India is on lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. Fortunately, last year we moved all iPlace services to the Microsoft Cloud and developed a business continuity plan. For the safety of our employees, we moved everyone to remote work between March 16 and March 20, 2020.

Unlike many other companies trying to survive the global crisis, no iPlace employees have been let go. Our employees have demonstrated discipline and maturity. By rolling up their sleeves, helping each other, and in some cases working longer hours, our employees are leading the charge to ensure that iPlace meets or exceeds our pre-remote work performance targets.

We are looking to hire experienced recruiters exhibiting the same zeal to join iPlace.




The entire company stepped up, and by working non-stop with little sleep, 100 percent of our employees were up and running from their homes by March 20th 

Kaushal Sampat (Alex), Former Managing Director, iPlace

Attacking the Global Emergency Head-on

iPlace is one of the largest global recruiting firms and our experienced recruiters are filling crucial jobs on a massive scale with rapid turnaround. We are deploying over 500 recruiters to attack the COVID-19 crisis head-on.


We are working with large staffing firms, corporations, and MSPs to address the urgent, high-volume hiring needs of industries that are vital in the fight against the pandemic such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, logistics, and retail (mainly supermarkets and grocery chains).


Our current projects include finding nurses and technicians for 200 healthcare facilities for one of the largest US healthcare providers. We are also working with a retail staffing agency to hire 25,000 workers across 2,200 retail stores to maintain essential services.


Talk to a business advisor to discuss how your company can partner with iPlace to fight the pandemic.


During the COVID-19 crisis, many companies have sadly had to lay off or furlough their workforce. iPlace is gearing up to help find jobs for the displaced workforce. Reach out to us if you are in the USA, UK, Europe, or APAC and are looking for a job.

Helping the Community

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program, WeMakeaDifference, has remained active while our employees are working from home. We are in regular contact with the NGOs we supported before the crisis including old age homes, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and animal welfare organizations and are making sure that they are well-equipped during the lockdown.  


iPlace employees organized a fundraising campaign so that we continue to pay the staff from iPlace’s vendors who are not working during the lockdown including housekeeping, security guards, and cafeteria workers. These workers would face dire circumstances if they lost their pay. iPlace’s employees voluntarily donated up to 3 percent of their salary. A portion of the raised funds will also be donated towards Maharasthra state’s Chief Minister Relief Fund and the PM-CARES fund launched by Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.   


Click here to stay updated and know more about how India is managing the COVID-19 crisis.

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