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About iPlace

Founded in 2006, iPlace has grown into the largest and most successful company providing professionally managed recruiting services for companies throughout the world from India. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90.5% ranks us among the top one percent of recruiting firms across North America.

iPlace Services

Sourcing Services

iPlace’s sourcers work as assistants to your recruiters. They use the latest tools to find and deliver the candidates that get your recruiters more placements. Our sourcers:   

  • Scour the Internet for active and passive candidates 

  • Build and update resume databases 

  • Identify potential sales leads thus saving your salespeople’s research time 

  • Conduct customized research projects related to the staffing and hiring processes 

Recruiting Services

Work with our recruiting teams for a high-quality and cost-effective way to scale your recruiting operations. Our recruiters: 

  • Work on direct hire and contract positions  
  • Perform end-to-end recruiting tasks and present qualified candidates to the hiring managers. 
  • Have vast experience working on VMS accounts through MSPs  
  • Efficiently work on projects requiring high-volume and surge hiring 

Our Industry Expertise

iPlace works in all industries.  Most of our sourcers and recruiters have specific industry training and experience.

  • High Tech  

  • Software  

  • Semiconductor and Electronics  

  • Gaming  

  • Transportation and Logistics  

  • Automotive  

  • Aerospace  

  • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies  

  • Defense and Homeland Security  

  • Banking and Insurance  

  • Real Estate 

  • Oil and Gas  

  • Construction and Engineering  

  • Manufacturing  

  • Power Generation  

  • Electric, Gas, and Water Distribution  

  • Telecom and Communications  

  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Discovery  

  • Medical Instruments  

  • Hospitals  

  • Education  

  • Media and Advertising 

Our Market Expertise

We serve clients across the globe with expertise in the following markets:

  • North America

  • Europe 

  • India

  • Australia

iPlace Differentiators

Data Analytics and Performance Management

  • iPlace applies data analytics to customize sourcing and recruiting strategies through our innovative operating system – LaunchPad 

  • Using data for decision making has been especially successful for optimizing performance on high-volume accounts.

iPlace Academy

  • All new hires enter iPlace through iPlace Academy, the best sourcer and recruiter training in India.  

  • iPlace Academy is a one-month rigorous and hands-on training program.


Candidate Sourcing Tools

iPlace’s sourcers and recruiters identify candidates and find contact information from a wide variety of resources including advanced passive sourcing techniques such as x-raying, flipping, and Google Custom Search Engines.

Customized Services

  • Our sourcers and recruiters have industry-specific training and experience in IT, engineering, healthcare, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales. 

  • Our recruiters work the local hours of our clients and candidates in each market that we serve.

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