Outsource Your Hiring Process to iPlace -
Benefit from our Agile, Lower Cost Hiring Solutions

Outsource Your Hiring Process to iPlace -
Benefit from our Agile, Lower Cost Hiring Solutions

Is your talent acquisition team facing these challenges?

  • Managing remote talent acquisition teams
  • Not enough job openings to keep your talent acquisition teams productive
  • Difficulties in achieving seamless communication with hiring managers and candidates
  • Lack of agility and scalability during surge and high-volume hiring
  • Increase in contingent or on-demand hiring
  • Longer turnaround times for your hires
  • Unable to keep hiring costs low while facing budget cutbacks

If these challenges sound familiar, let’s discuss how iPlace’s Hiring solutions can make them go away.

iPlace Can Help You

Lower Cost-Per-Hire

  • Pay for only the recruiters you use
  • No job board costs
  • No placement fees
  • Lower overall hiring costs by 40 to 70 percent

Reduce Time-To-Hire

  • Streamlined recruiting process
  • Performance management to find bottlenecks
  • Reduce Time-to-Hire by 20 to 40 percent

Improve Quality-Of-Hire

  • Candidates identified from many sources
  • Expertise across industry verticals
  • Close collaboration with hiring managers
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Implement Scalable Hiring Solutions

  • Flexible recruiting solutions
  • Specialists in high-volume hiring
  • Reduce recruiting team size during slow periods
  • Global coverage

Who Are We

Founded in 2006, iPlace has grown into the largest company providing professionally managed recruiting services for companies throughout the world from India. We have 800+ recruiters who specialize in different industries and countries. Because of our recruiting expertise and transparency, we serve as trusted business advisors to our clients. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90.5% ranks us among the top one percent of recruiting firms across North America. Through “recruiting done right” we form long-term partnerships built on being dependable and delivering proven ROI.


We are known for our performance-based culture, quality, and professionalism. But first and foremost, iPlace is about making money for our clients. Our clients expect us to create four times more value than the money they pay for our services. Everything we do is about delivering on this guiding principle.


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