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About iPlace

Founded in 2006, iPlace has grown into one of the largest and most successful firms providing professionally managed recruiting services worldwide. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +64 ranks us among the top one percent of recruiting firms across the US and Canada.

iPlace’s international recruiting center is in Pune, India and headquarters in McLean, VA, USA. Our sourcers and recruiters have placed candidates in 21 countries on Five continents and are specialists in all the major verticals and industries.



iPlace Services

iPlace provides the following hiring solutions for corporations:


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsources all or part of your talent acquisition function to iPlace


Direct Hire

Hire permanent employees and pay a success-fee for placements


Surge and Large Hiring Projects

iPlace deploys a temporary team of sourcers and/or recruiters that can be rapidly scaled up or down


Outsourced Sourcing and Recruiting

iPlace provides dedicated teams of sourcers and/or recruiters who work as an extension of your talent acquisition team


Staff Augmentation

iPlace is a supplier of VMS and Statement of Work programs for internally managed contingent hiring


Total Talent Management:

  • Talent pool building and management
  • Direct/self-sourcing
  • Talent mapping and researching

Our Industry Expertise

Our sourcers and recruiters have expert knowledge in multiple industries:



  • High Tech
  • Software
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Real Estate


  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Electric, Gas, and Water Distribution
  • Telecom and Communications
  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Discovery
  • Medical Instruments
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Media and Advertising

Our Market Expertise

We serve clients across the globe with expertise in the following markets:

  • North America

  • Europe 

  • Asia

  • Australia

Why Partner with iPlace?

Flexible Hiring Solutions


  • iPlace can ramp up customized sourcing and recruiting teams for the urgent hiring requirements based on current market conditions.

  • Our sourcers and recruiters are experienced working on large volume and surge hiring requirements delivering a quick turn-around-time.

  • Our clients have the flexibility to scale down their iPlace teams after their short-term hiring requirements are fulfilled.

Data Analytics and Performance Management

  • iPlace uses data analytics to create different sourcing and recruiting strategies based on the account and hiring managers.

  • Using data for decision-making has been especially successful for optimizing the performance of internally managed contingent hiring programs.


iPlace Academy

  • Every iPlace employee receives skill and professional development training through iPlace Academy, which is widely regarded as the best sourcing and recruiting training in India.

  • Our training programs are a powerful combination of eLearning courses, classroom sessions, monitored on-the-job training, and individualized coaching.






Candidate Sourcing Tools

iPlace’s sourcers and recruiters identify candidates from a wide array of resources including advanced passive search techniques such as x-raying, flipping, Google Custom Search Engines, and social media aggregators.


Customized Services

  • Our sourcers and recruiters have industry-specific training and experience.
  • Our recruiters work the local hours of our clients and candidates in each market that we serve.
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The numerous awards we received over the last 15 years affirm our industry recognition as a reliable, high-quality recruiting service provider. Our recruiters have received direct appreciation on the “Great Recruiters” platform for creating an excellent candidate experience.

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