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Year 2023

Tom Nunn, President at Tom Nunn Consulting, delivers an insightful knowledge sharing session, “Importance of Culture in an Organization,” on October 27. He shares fundamental insights into company culture and its profound impact on organizations and their workforce.

Chinar Khalsa’s expert insights help us learn how returnship programs are proving to be game changers in the recruitment industry.

Henry Morris‘ blog explains how companies can seek assistance from RPOs to find the right temporary staff, ensuring seamless operations and high-quality service during the upcoming festive season.

Chinar Khalsa takes us through Maria’s journey of returning to her professional life after a maternity career break. Her blog emphasizes how returnship programs are rewriting the rules of hiring.

Henry Morris blog post delves into the difficulties companies encounter before the holiday rush and highlights how RPOs can provide efficient solutions to seasonal hiring challenges.

Henry Morris’ blog explains how ChatGPT can be leveraged to reduce the cost-per-hire and time-to-hire

Read Henry Morris’ power-packed blog that shares expert insights to handle seasonal staffing challenges like a pro. 

Henry Morris unveils the enchanting capabilities of ChatGPT that will revolutionize the recruiting process.

Lorenzo Bizzi, a Professor at California State University, Fullerton, delivers an impactful knowledge sharing session, “How to Influence Others in the Workplace,” on August 25. He discusses effective influence tactics and where and how we can apply them to increase our workplace influence for greater success.

Henry Morris unravels the impact of ChatGPT on the recruitment landscape, leveraging AI-powered insights

Henry Morris’ blog discovers how ChatGPT is revolutionizing candidate experience with its natural language processing capabilities. 

Read Henry Morris’ blog that explores the cutting-edge world of candidate screening with ChatGPT.

Chinar Khalsa’s blog explains how RPOs can transform recruitment strategies and help navigate hiring challenges in today’s fluctuating business landscape. 

Hank Levine, iPlace’s President and CEO, shares the learnings from mistakes early in his career in the latest episode of Mark Graban’s podcast #MyFavoriteMistake released on July 17, 2023. 

iPlace celebrates its 17th corporate anniversary on May 11, 2023.

Sam Morgan, Founder/Coach at Illuminate Coaching + Consulting, delivers an insightful knowledge sharing session, “Geek-Think and You,” on May 5. He explains the four-step scientific pattern of “The Improvement Kata” for working towards our goals.

Henry Morris’ blog talks about the challenges staffing firms face during a recession and how RPOs can help lower their hiring risks.

In his knowledge sharing session on March 3, Mark Graban shares a framework about learning from mistakes based on his podcast series, My Favorite Mistake, and his upcoming book, The Mistakes That Make Us. He speaks about some of his career mistakes and what he learned.

iPlace wins the ClearlyRated Best of Staffing – Client Satisfaction award for the sixth consecutive year with a Net Promoter® Score of 83.8% and the 5-Year Diamond Award for 2019-2023. Read the press release here.

Francis Kong, President of Success Options Inc (SOI), delivers a power-packed session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on January 27. He addresses the challenges faced by leaders today and the critical skills that can help them succeed.

iPlace begins the NEW Year with a significant milestone of 25,000 professional placements!

Year 2022

Marissa Levin, CEO of Marissa International, delivers an insightful session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on November 11. She talks about her POWER Model, which empowers employees to reach their greatest potential by cultivating their Purpose, Ownership, Worth, self-Efficacy, and Resilience.

Here’s an insightful blog by Chinar Khalsa that delves into unconscious bias and how it can impact an organization’s hiring decisions.

Chinar Khalsa’s blog explains why candidate sourcing is one of the most significant steps in recruiting and how it can help improve the recruiting process.

iPlace’s international recruiting center in India has a new address. In September, the company moved to its new office at Futura, Magarpatta, in Pune, India.

In his session “Adopting Change” on July 15, Travis Hahler addresses the natural impulse to resist change in our personal and professional lives.

#iGMM2022, the first-ever iPlace Global Management Meetup, takes place at iPlace’s international recruiting center in Pune from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, June 25.

Dr. Debashish Sengupta shares learnings from his award-winning book The Life of Y – Engaging Millennials as Employees and Consumers at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on May 20, 2022.

iPlace celebrates its 16th corporate anniversary on May 11, 2022.

iPlace achieves the huge landmark of 20,000 professional placements in April 2022!

Christopher Hodges shares excerpts from his book Noble Automation Now! at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on April 1, 2022.

Playing under the iPlay program, iPlacers make the company proud by winning third place at the “Corporate IT Box Cricket League” held in March 2022 in Nasik, India.

iPlace is a finalist in the TIARA Talent Solutions Awards US for The WorkLLama Client Service Award.

NC Narayanan, Founder and Chairman of SSA Consulting Group, delivers an insightful session on Pragmatic Leadership: Unleashing the Leader Within at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on February 25, 2022.

iPlace wins ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing – Client Satisfaction Award fifth time in a row and bags the 5-Year Diamond Award on February 1, 2022. Read the press release here.

Dr. Scott De Long, Founder of Lead2Goals, joins iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on January 28, 2022. He shares constructive learnings on the benefits of cross-functional teams.

Year 2021

Read Daniel Rogers’ blog to know how your company’s referral program can be leveraged to hire the best diverse talent.

Fred Goff, Co-founder and CEO of Jobcase delivers a fantastic session on worker empowerment at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on December 10, 2021.

Alex Kage’s blog talks about how companies can enjoy lower hiring costs, faster turnaround, improved talent quality, and flexible hiring solutions when you work with an RPO.

Hank Levine and other industry experts address the top critical challenges and opportunities IT staffing firms face today at a live podcast panel discussion hosted by myBasePay. This panel discussion was held at the 2021 TechServe Alliance Executive Summit in Florida, USA.

Rakhi Kolhe’s blog explains how a company can start building its reputation as a diverse and inclusive company and attract more diverse, quality talent.

Read Rakhi Kolhe’s blog to know how outsourcing your seasonal bulk hiring can be the best agile recruiting solution for you.

Hank Levine shares his experiences and learnings about “How to Build a Successful Recruitment Outsourcing Company through Gamification” in the Ivy Podcast’s latest executive leadership episode.

Here’s an insightful blog by Chinar Khalsa that presents three effective practices to help companies hire top diverse talent.

Rakhi Kolhe’s blog explains how partnering with a professional recruiting firm can significantly lower a company’s hiring cost.

Mike Jacoutot, Founder of Butler Street, delivers a power-packed session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on October 29, 2021. His “Four Cornerstones of Success” are sure to guide us in becoming successful professionals.

Read Daniel Rogers’ blog that shares the best hiring strategies to meet your D&I and hiring goals.

Here’s a blog by Heena Baig explaining how iPlace’s specialist sourcers and recruiters identify the purple squirrels and pink unicorns that clients seek for niche roles.

Read Chinar Khalsa’s blog on unconscious bias to know how it can influence our actions and make us lose out on high-potential candidates.

Bob Burg delivers an outstanding session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on September 17, 2021. Voted as one of the “Most Influential Authors in the World,” Bob’s Go-Giver series is a must read.

Chinar Khalsa shares her insights on blind hiring as a good recruiting practice in her blog – Blind Hiring Can Help You Achieve Your Diversity Hiring Goals.

Rakhi Kolhe addresses the impact of AI tools on the recruiting industry in her blog – Could Your AI Hiring Tools Hurt Your Corporate Diversity?

Mike “Batman” Cohen, Founder/Sourcer at Wayne Technologies, shares messaging tips and best practices based on his vast research and experience session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on July 30, 2021.

In June 2021, iPlace announces permanent work-from-home for iPlacers working in service delivery and people functions.

Read about the spectacular employee benefits launched by iPlace to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

iPlace partners with Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Pune to administer company-paid vaccination drives for employees, ex-employees, and families.

iPlace supports the local community’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic during the devastating second wave in India. Read the press release here.

Adam Lawrence, Managing Partner of Process Improvement Partners, demonstrates “The Power of Questions” with real-life examples at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on June 18, 2021.

Rohit Oswal, Partner at Perpetual Wealth Management and an ex-iPlacer, presents a beneficial session on “Investment Awareness” at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on June 4, 2021.

Anu George delivers a thought-provoking session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on May 21, 2021. She explains change management through her learnings from the lives of famous revolutionary leaders.

iPlace celebrates it’s 15-year anniversary on May 11, 2021.

Jose Pires, Founder and CEO of Global Excellence & Innovation, delivers a powerful session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on April 9, 2021. He speaks inspiringly about how great enduring leaders and organizations accelerate excellence and innovation.

Bhushan Maideo delivers an outstanding session at iPlace’s Knowledge Sharing program on February 26, 2021. He shares snippets of his professional journey and his success mantras that are simple yet powerful.

iPlace wins ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing – Client Satisfaction award fourth time in a row on February 4, 2021. Read the press release here.

Year 2020

iPlace ends 2020 on a great note, completing 15,000 professional placements!

Rachel Charles, Manager – Professional Development at iPlace, writes a blog on “How to Defeat the Pre-Interview Jitters”. The interview preparation tips shared by Rachel will help you excel at virtual, phone, and F2F interviews.

Hank Levine, iPlace President and CEO, attends TechServe Alliance’s State of the Industry: A Quarterly Executive Webinar and the RPO Virtual Roundtable Conference by Indeed on September 25, 2020.

Meet Alex Kage, iPlace’s Chief Development Officer, at SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy on September 17 and 18, 2020.

Shailesh Shukla joins iPlace as the Executive Vice President – Recruiting. Shailesh will head the recruiting operations for iPlace’s US clients.

iPlace’s recruiting services now include total talent management that provide direct hire and contingent workforce solutions to corporations and MSPs.

Attend Hank Levine’s webinar on July 8, 2020 at the StaffingTec365 virtual conference. He will be speaking about using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) concept to drive organizational performance.

Hank Levine speaks about post-pandemic business strategies that may help companies prepare for the evolving market demands. Watch the video to learn about iPlace’s bounce-back plan.

Hank Levine, iPlace’s CEO and President, presents a webinar on June 9, 2020 with ASA on “Adapting to the Global Pandemic – Delivering Results to a Remote Workforce”. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the major takeaways.

Read about the severe shortage of healthcare professionals amidst the pandemic and the changing scenario of the healthcare industry as shared in her ASA Central blog by Rakhi Kolhe, Head – Training at iPlace.

Watch iPlace’s Chief Development Officer, Alex Kage, in the video series “Here & Now with Nikhil” as he speaks about the business strategies iPlace has implemented to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and highlights the necessity for innovation and diversification in these challenging times.

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