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A Proud Moment for iPlace as Vishal Shettigar Achieves Third Place in The World’s Greatest Sourcer Competition 2016

McLean, Virginia – May 24, 2016

Shally Steckerl, a globally recognized recruiting thought leader and pioneer in sourcing and recruitment marketing, announced today the winners of the World’s Greatest Sourcer 2016 competition (WGS16). iPlace employee Vishal Shettigar came in a close third place with 404 points after finishing seventh last year.

There were 1,235 sourcing and recruiting professionals from all around the world, competing to win the grand prize: the WGS16 trophy and champion title. This year’s World’s Greatest Sourcer competition consisted of six grueling challenges, which included a candidate scavenger hunt, deep web search, hat tips, and building the best search string ever.

Vishal Shettigar, iPlace’s Sourcing Team Lead, stated,

It was a fierce competition. It took a lot of discipline to systematically go through each of the sourcing challenges but it was totally worth it. A great learning experience! I got to learn and share a lot of new things as well as showcase my talents and skills to the giants of the sourcing world. The competition was tough and demanding, especially the ‘Build a String’ challenge. I had to research a lot, but I finished strong. I scored 20 out of 20 and yes, that’s how I came in third place. WGS16 brought out the best in me and empowered me to share my learning with others. Fingers crossed for next year as I aim towards winning the WGS trophy and champion title!

iPlace Sourcer Shashank Goud stood ninth in the competition with 374 points. He stated,

It was an excellent and very challenging experience. My favorite part of the competition was scoring a full 20 out of 20 points in the ‘Deep Web Search’ challenge. I researched thoroughly and put all of my efforts into the competition. I invested a significant amount of time while preparing for the challenges and also took advice from my colleague and mentor – Vishal Shettigar. He is a true professional and a great mentor. He kept me motivated to continue learning and stay in the competition.

iPlace Sourcer Ketan Dubbewar stood sixteenth in the competition with 361 points. He stated,

This was my first attempt at the WGS16 competition. I learned a lot of new things from industry thought-leaders, which was priceless and helped me, develop professionally. I really enjoyed ‘The Hat Tip’ challenge. It was amazing! Professionals from all around the world shared sourcing tips or tricks that have yielded them proven success. It was awesome to go through such a collective treasure of knowledge revealed in such a way. Special kudos to all 1,235 sourcing and recruiting contestants who competed in the challenge and congratulations to all the winners, especially the third place winner – Vishal Shettigar. I’m so privileged to work with such passionate and talented professionals.


List of iPlace Winners




Vishal Shettigar*


Shashank Goud*


Ketan Dubbewar*


Deepak Kutty*


Jeanne Heydecker*


Zoheb Khan


Zoheb Ahmed*


Nupur Patil*


Aaliya Kashani*


Iksha Kumar*


Daniel Rogers


Naqiyyah Dalal*


Smeet Nale*


Neha Rana


Rakhi Kolhe


Rimpy Sarawgi*


Shoan Salve


Shrikant Shewale


Amol Salunkhe*


*ex-employee of iPlace

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