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iPlace Supports Local Community in Fight Against the Pandemic

Pune, India – June 22, 2021


iPlace’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, WeMakeaDifference, has remained active while our employees work from home. The team is in regular contact with the NGOs we supported before the crisis including old age homes, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and animal welfare organizations, ensuring that they are well-equipped during the pandemic.



In 2020, many iPlace employees voluntarily contributed one to three percent of their salaries to support our vendors’ staff (housekeeping, cafeteria workers, security guards, etc.) who lost their jobs during the lockdown and would have faced dire circumstances otherwise. Using these contributions, iPlace paid the salaries of these workers for six months, by when most had managed to secure new employment.



In May 2021, the company marked its 15th anniversary by contributing COVID medical supplies to the Sassoon General Hospital in Pune. These supplies included 100 PPE kits, 5000 surgical gloves, 700 N95 masks, 700 oxygen masks, 3 oxygen concentrators (10 LPM), and 1 BiPAP machine for their ambulance.



Hank Levine, iPlace President and CEO, said,



Even after a year, as we continue to watch the COVID-19 pandemic play out on a global scale, it’s easy to feel helpless. But no matter what situation we are in, there’s always something we can do and must do to help those in need. That’s why iPlace’s CSR initiative is so critical – we are making a difference!


The WeMakeaDifference team continues to work with local NGOs to help fulfill their wish lists, particularly during lockdowns. iPlace provided dining tables and a washing machine to the Sandhya Home for the Aged earlier this year. The company also recently partnered with Boddhisattva, an animal and human welfare organization, and is supporting them with a year’s supply of dog food.


iPlace’s efforts are a small token of our commitment to society that needs our support now more than ever. Let’s come together and help our nation overcome the pandemic!

said Alex Kage, Managing Director at iPlace.


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