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iPlace Featured in the Information & Management Journal for Its Innovative Gamification System

McLean, Virginia – March 14, 2023

iPlace Gamification System

iPlace will be featured in the April 2023 research paper Why to gamify performance management? Consequences of user engagement in gamification by Lorenzo Bizzi in Information & Management, a prestigious scientific journal with a very strong Impact Factor of 10.3 (one of the highest in the whole management scientific literature).

The research paper showcases LaunchPad, iPlace’s innovative companywide operating system based on gamification. LaunchPad has enabled iPlace to eliminate performance reviews and create a pay-for-performance culture. It has been one of the drivers of the company’s growth and success since its rollout in 2015.

LaunchPad has caught the attention of recruiting thought leaders and experts, including Lorenzo Bizzi, studying how gamification can be used in corporate strategy and to enhance employee engagement. Lorenzo is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at California State University, Fullerton. He surveyed 268 iPlace employees in early 2019 on LaunchPad, and the key findings of his survey were:

  • 93 percent of employees were engaged or highly engaged, with the LaunchPad gamification system driving this high engagement score. iPlace’s engagement is twice as high as reported in most worldwide employee engagement studies.


  • iPlace employees were highly satisfied with pay raises and promotions based on earning stars. The exception, as expected, were those who were not earning stars and had their performance shown on a public scoreboard. Interestingly, even those who did not like LaunchPad said it was fair and transparent.


  • Organizational commitment received the highest score of the entire survey. Most employees acknowledged that LaunchPad pushed them to work harder.


  • Game engagement was a strong predictor of job satisfaction and resulted in employees perceiving they had more opportunities for career growth. Game engagement leads to employees perceiving iPlace cares about them and makes employees feel better about themselves.

Fred Price, Executive Vice President – Strategy at iPlace, said,

We are proud of our LaunchPad system. While we always believed LaunchPad has been instrumental to the success of iPlace, I am thrilled that Lorenzo’s research validates this. His findings and insights will help us refine and make LaunchPad even better.

Lorenzo Bizzi added,

Working with iPlace for my gamification research has been a great experience. The system impressed me and proved to be highly effective data source for my research. Kudos to the iPlace team for developing such an innovative performance management system!

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