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New international recruiting center is poised to triple growth.

Pune, India: iPlace, a company providing professionally managed recruiting services for US corporations, today announced that because of their over 50 percent annual growth since their move three years ago to Magarpatta City, they are now moving to a larger new office in Kharadi, Pune.


Hank Levine, President and CEO of iPlace USA, shared that the new office has opened in the World Trade Centre (WTC), Kharadi, Pune on August 25, 2014, said,

For the past six months iPlace was in the enviable position of having to turn away business because our facilities were too small to meet the demand for our services. To grow the company, the management team searched to find the perfect location in Pune to triple our capacity. The World Trade Center was our first choice as a location because of the flexibility and services offered by the World Trade Center organization and the builders. We are now in position for rapid growth.

Jeanne-Elise M. Heydecker, Senior Vice President of iPlace USA, stated,

The new space has been thoughtfully designed to help us better serve our clients as well as enhance our employees’ happiness and productivity. Our employees love working for iPlace because the company provides great training and professional development. But working for iPlace is not easy. Our employees work very hard and have a lot of responsibility. To show our appreciation we provide unusual benefits such as valet parking, concierge services and a massage center. We are installing state-of-the-art communications and technology to reflect our world-class status. We’re incredibly excited to be in the new space.

Employees are ecstatic. Vidya Sadawarte, Sourcing Manager for iPlace stated,

iPlace is nothing like a BPO. People here enjoy working directly with their American counterparts. We are a young, energetic crowd that works hard to make our clients successful, but it’s stressful. Having a new office with all sorts of innovative benefits makes our lives easier.

Gunjan Verma, Recruiting Manager for iPlace also added,

Management cares about us and it shows. We love iPlace. 50 of our recruiters were so excited that they volunteered their own time after work to help us pack and move everything to the new location. These offices are really well planned. People love the custom workstations with dual displays that make their work easier. The amazing views of Pune, from the floor-to-ceiling windows in our space, are really inspiring. I love coming to work and handling my car off to the valets. iPlace really thought of everything.

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