Rachel Charles

Rachel Charles

Assistant Vice President - People

Know About Rachel

Rachel heads iPlace’s professional development department and runs iPlace Academy, our center of learning and development for everything from new hire training to continuous improvement and leadership development. Her accomplishments include the successful implementation of our web-based Learning Management System, creating numerous well-researched eLearning courses, contributing to business excellence programs such as OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and facilitating leadership programs for management, including the Butler Street Sales Effectiveness training program.

Rachel has a strong background in US staffing with VMS recruiting being her core expertise. She joined iPlace as an Associate Recruiter ten years ago and has worked for clients in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology, and life sciences. Before iPlace, Rachel worked as a Senior Academic Counselor and IELTS Trainer. Her love for training is what drove her from recruiting to professional development!

Rachel enjoys rollercoasters, traveling, and experimenting with exotic food. She is a passionate reader, and her favorite books are Harnessing Your Emotions by Andrew Wommack and The Bible. Rachel loves unwinding with family and friends on weekends.