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Mujtaba Khan

Mujtaba Khan
( Henry Morris )

Chief Operating Officer

Henry began his career with iPlace as a recruiter and quickly advanced through the ranks to become the COO in 2017. Henry is responsible for iPlace’s sourcing and recruiting operations, and through his hard work has earned the admiration and confidence of iPlacers and his clients. Henry also assists the CEO and sales team with sales, planning, proposal making, sourcer and recruiter allocation, and delivery strategy.

After a long day’s work, music and books are what help Henry relax. He enjoys sports including cricket, football, badminton, sport diving, and powerlifting.


  • Work experience: 10 years in international recruiting and six years in international airlines operations
  • Markets: USA, Europe, Australia, UK, India, APAC
  • Industries Henry has worked with: Food and Beverage, Mass Media, IT, Healthcare, Automotive, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Aviation, and Government
  • Two apps that you can find in Henry’s phone: Quora and Twitter
  • Henry’s all-time favorite movies: Avatar and The Avengers series
  • Updates about the world: Times of India and CNN
  • A quote Henry swears by: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson 


  • Master’s in Business Administration in Human Resources and Information Technology from SRTMU, Maharashtra
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce Applications from Pune University, Maharashtra